Robostorm Club Web Site

Technologies used

Project worked on Spring 2013

At age 15

Project worked on for about 1-2 hours a day for about 4 weeks


This is a web site I built for the 4H club I founded, Robostorm (Read more about Robostorm here). This is the first real web site I made.

View the website here

What I Learned

  • I learned a lot about HTML and Web development

  • I learned how to do some basic Apache configuration

The Project's Story

This website was my club's third site. The first one was a made through Comcast's personal website service, and the second was made through During the second semester of my freshman year of high school I was taking an HTML class and decided to make a new, better, website form scratch for our club as the final project for the class.

This was the first real website I had ever made so it was difficult to put together. Getting the layout to look right was quite tricky. I also had to find a way to restrict access to certain parts of the site. It was hard to find the right way to go about. Eventually I settled on using Apache's built in security to put a directory of content behind a password.