I joined my high school FIRST robotics team as a Sophomore, and continued with the team through Junior and Senior years. Team 3637, the Daleks, is now entering its sixth year competing and each year we are more successful. Being a Dalek has been a very meaningful and focusing experience for me.

As a Junior I put my energy into solving a problem that the team had not yet addressed. When teams are competing, there is a need to "scout" out the strengths and weaknesses of the other teams' robots and use that information to help our robot drivers determine their game play strategy for each match. I made it my mission to develop a Scouting application that would bring our team's success to a new level.

I led this initiative on my own, resulting in our team having its first automated scouting application for collecting and analyzing team performance.

  • I worked with teammates on initial design decisions, and on what data to collect and analyze, based on game rules and scoring.

  • I helped three teammates prototype the web GUI who were learning HTML.

  • I designed and coded the entire application.

  • Twenty of my teammates were trained on how to use the application.

  • I designed the operation and the IT configuration used during the tournaments.

This is a very substantial accomplishment I take great pride in. Please read about it here.

As a Senior, I have been appointed to the position of Director of Scouting and Scouting Software on the team's executive board, reporting to the Tech VP. My goal this year is to enhance the Scouting application so that it can be more easily configured to apply to each year's new game. A new FIRST game will be announced in January, which the robot will be built to play. This means a new game play strategy and new data collection and analysis will be required. With the improvements I plan to make, others will be able to easily adapt the application each year, and the team will be able to benefit from its analytics.