See Me Every Saturday at the Stangl Factory Market in Flemington

I am Ben Goldberg, a local high school student, and I am the owner of Ben's Pens.
I hand craft artisan pens out of various types of exotic and unusual woods.

At Ben's Pens, we currently sell three kinds of pens: Slim Line pens which are slim and lightweight, Cigar pens which are thicker and slightly longer, and Sierra pens which are right in between. The Slim Line and Cigar pens are each made from two pieces of wood that meet at the center where the pen twists. The Sierra pens are each made with a single longer piece of wood.

To make a pen, I first carefully hand-pick pieces of wood to use, then I prepare them for the lathe. As I turn the wood, and apply the finish, the natural beauty of the grain and figure is revealed. As a final touch I select the pen's metal parts in a color that best compliments the beautiful wood. Ben's Pens are just as much works of art as they are writing tools!

I look forward to seeing you at the Stangl Market.

Pens make great gifts for Graduation, Mother's and Father's Day, birthday presents and holiday gifts. They make great professional or corporate gifts for clients or promotions.

I can be contacted at my email address [email protected]
Also like me on Facebbook at

If you wish to buy a pen but can't come in, send me an email.
You may make your selection from photos I send or via skype. I will then send you your purchase in the mail.