Ben Goldberg

Welcome to my web site. The purpose of this site is for you to learn about me. I am using this site as a forum for describing the key influences that have made me who I am, as well as to highlight the many independent and team projects I have completed that illustrate my initiative and technical ability.

I would call myself an outgoing, well-spoken geek. I am studying Computer Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I intend to get my bachelor's degree and possibly a master's and PHD. I worked at Magna-Power Electronics as a software developer during the summer of 2016.

I am self-driven and my passion is programming and making things. I love building software, electronics, robots, and machines. If I'm not working on a project, I'm looking for a new one. I am constantly researching new ways to do things, and looking for new inspiration. Every day I read articles and watch videos about new emerging technologies, current technology, and other things related to my field.

I enjoy talking to people, whether the topic is technology or a debate on current events. I have given many presentations, including a radio interview, at the annual County Fair where my 4-H robotics club exhibits its work. I am skilled at explaining technical concepts. I am also a decent salesman. Part of my pen business involved selling to the public.